Poor Piano!!!

The white keys all had a name. Carl, Doug, Emmet, Filip, Gus, Anto and Bruno were the main characters.  The black keys, however, were centre stage. Very melodic. Not pressed as much but when they were needed, they were heard. The house was a better place when the two colours worked together and showed their strength and skills.  Sometimes, Lillian, the matriarch of the house would press them. Her fingers were always so elegantly maintained. The guys wondered why she referred to them as C, D, E, F, G and A though. How silly was she?

There was a bit of jealousy in the room. That bulky brown yoke up against the stool was her favourite. The guitar even had a bed called a case to keep it warm.  When she would be teaching her students that instrument, the cats in the neighbourhood would run a mile. Piano would laugh when she explained guitars names to the students, Elephants and Donkeys Grow Big Ears. Piano learned that Ears was the top guy. He was a bit highly strung.

One day, Lillian played piano. Her friend Jessica danced around the room. Her pink dress flowed and swayed to the sound of Carl and the gang playing. There was a matching scarf with the dress. Jessica began twirling the scarf around. She thought she was on Strictly. Her ballerina days came back to her. Up went the arms, toes pointed to the floor and voila! The pink scarf went flying. All the way over to guitar. Grrr!!! That silly guitar gets everything thought piano. A stool to rest up against, a case and now a scarf. A beautiful, shiny and glittery scarf too. Its not fair.

Piano sulked and sulked for the rest of the day.  Lillian was certain she had broken it. “I was too rough playing it” she exclaimed glumly.  Guitar looked so stylish however. It is important to accessorise!!!


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