A Flower on a Sandy Beach

Jane sat comfortably at the window seat of Flight 10 to her sun-drenched destination in the Pacific. As the plane was coming into land on the narrow airstrip, “Wow”, she remarked as she saw a flower blooming out of a hot, arid sandy beach. Her sharp eye as a photographer never let her down. She took the camera out of her bag and zoomed in at the flower. The flower reminded her a lot of herself. Never afraid to stand out from a crowd. She was after travelling solo to the other side of the world, this flower was almost like a symbol of her trip so far. Jane had just put her camera back into her bag when the passenger next to her asked what she had taken a photography of. “What could possibly be photogenic around a bland sandy island?”, enquired the curious tourist. Jane showed him the photo and to her surprise he began to explain to her that he is an editor of a Travel magazine and would love to feature the photograph on the front cover. “Of course, you can” she replied gleefully. This trip was full of surprises!!!


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