The Tree


Cassie stood in silence, her legs felt wobbly from the sheer excitement of her location, her head felt tired from the transatlantic flight she had embarked from that morning and her eyes were blurry from tears rolling down from them.  At last, she had arrived at Ross Woods.  Just six months after burying her beloved grandma Annie across the ocean, she saw for herself the ‘tree’ that grandma Annie always spoke about.  When Cassie was growing up, she would sit in awe and listen to Annie’s tales about the love of her life, her grandpa Matthew.  Cassie knew Annie engraved their initials on the tree the day before they emigrated to the east coast of America.  October 3rd, 1924.

Annie grew up a few fields away from this tree, she always went for a walk with Lily, her pet dog. “She’s the L on the tree”, Cassie remarked to Brad, her husband. Cassie explained to him that this was the tree that the children from the neighbourhood would play around, it was the tree they would swing from, it was the tree they would pick berries from, it was the tree Annie first saw Matthew.  A tall, freckled-face boy with a peak cap and deep blue eyes.  He made her laugh from that day on and for fifty-two more years, until she laid him to rest at Pine Green Cemetery in a country where they made their home and raised their family, Cassie’s mother, Helen was their first born.  Helen couldn’t travel so Cassie felt it her duty to travel in person to the spot known as ‘the tree’ and follow through with Annie’s last wish, TO GET A PHOTOGRAPH OF A FAMILY MEMBER AT ‘THE TREE’ and include it in her memorial card.

As Brad snapped the photo, Cassie felt proud that her grandma’s wishes were being fulfilled.  A + M forever.


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