Tinkerbell Tippy Toes


Yasmin loved her role as the fairy, Tinkerbell.  It was the icing on the cake for her dancing career.  She had been travelling with the show, Tinkerbell Tippy Toes all around the world for several months.  “I’m living the dream” boasted Yasmin to her mum.  “The show has sold out all over Europe, we arrived in Rome yesterday, its fantastic”.

Yasmin had spent the previous day meandering through the streets of The Eternal City.  She snapped photos of the Spanish Steps, the Vatican, the Trevi fountain, the Colosseum and the Sistine chapel to name but a few. The sweltering heat was comfort to her tired dancing bones.  She enjoyed creamy mint gelato after visiting the Colosseum. “Tonight’s venue is a secret”, she explained to her mum. “The producers have told us to meet at the hotel lobby at 5pm tomorrow to be brought by bus to the venue” she continued excitedly.

Low and behold, dusk turned to dawn, a new day arrived, Italian sunshine belted down as Yasmin rested on a lounger by the hotel pool before her evening show.  5pm came and the dance troupe boarded the bus.  The entourage travelled out of the city, onto a motorway for twenty minutes, travelling northwards with the lights of the city twinkling in the background as the bus driver tackled narrow mountainous roads with treacherous cliff tops aligning the route.  Yasmin smiled as the bus pulled into a beautiful mountain top venue.  The dance troupe were amazed they were performing at a venue with such beautiful scenery.  An audience of specially invited guests sat in a semi-circle seating arrangement as twilight set in.  A chiminea illuminated the night sky so romantically as Yasmin performed a pas de boarreé and rond de jambe, her back straightened to show her poised body dance elegantly against a backdrop of glittering lights.  The monochrome dress in contrast with the shining orange light of the chiminea turned Yasmin into a mobile silhouette.


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