In Too Deep



“Is this what my life has come to?” cried Johnny as blood dripped from his forehead.  He gripped his ankle and put pressure on it to check if could stand up. He could. Just about.  After falling from one oil tanker down the big drop onto the sharp stones, he still wasn’t sure if ‘they’ were following him.  Suddenly, he heard footsteps.  “Johnny” roared a furious male voice. “Johnny” the voice roared again.  A heart broken Johnny knew that voice all too well. It was his brother Stewart’s voice.  Johnny had minutes earlier stooped to his lowest act ever.  He had stolen a massive amount of money from the bedside locker of his frail grandfather.

Stewart took chase after him out of the hospital along with Dave, their oldest brother. They had caught up with him near the train station shop, but Johnny, all too well knowing how to escape from people on foot, leaped over a railing, he caught one last glimpse of his brothers before he escaped, Stewart was frothing at the mouth with anger while Dave was grasping his chest trying to catch his breath, Johnny then took off like a rocket up a steep embankment.

Life had been so good to Johnny up until three months ago.  Since April, he spiralled into a downfall through greed.  It is hard to believe he built up an estate agent firm, his personality of all smiles and sharp black suits made him quite successful.  He knew how to talk the talk.  However, a collection of under the table envelopes and a few back slaps at corporate luncheons meant he got on the wrong side of some people.  His business was shut down by the authorities and he was facing years in jail if didn’t go on the run.

“Your game is up” bellowed Stewart.  Johnny, not having the stamina required to lift himself off the stones, closed his eyes, laid down and waited for Stewart to find him.  Footsteps became louder and Johnny prepared himself for a severe beating from his brothers.  Stewart knelt beside him and Johnny started bawling.  The toll of weeks on the run from the law was coming to a head.  Dave, then approached the two lads, still grasping his chest and surprisingly missing one shoe, gave Johnny a big hug.  “You’ve to face the music buddy but we’ll stand by you” assured Dave.  Johnny linked his brothers arms and hobbled off into the evening sky.


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