Tina knew that yesterday’s fiasco was the catalyst to open her own business.  She had earned millions for the fashion design company in the decade that she had worked for Pizzazz.  She had a steady stream of wealthy clients, a reputation that was applauded during the awards season and credentials that were worthy of her own name being on her own designs.

The boardroom was always so daunting for Tina.  She stared at the clock as every employee in her unit took their seats.  It was 4:02pm.  At the start of each quarter, she would be asked by Michele Pizzazz how much did she earn for the company.  The staff revered Michele Pizzazz.  When she was in town, it was only ever to assess the employee’s performance.  A tall brunette Parisian who inherited the fashion design business from her father and rose to the CEO position instantly when she stomped her feet and threw a strop.  “Only two million” answered Ms Pizzazz abruptly.  That was the straw that broke the camels back as far as Tina was concerned.  Tina was raised in a family who were taught that if you work hard, you should know your worth.  Her entrepreneurial skills could be developed she thought to herself as Ms Pizzazz continued to outline reasons why two million is not enough in a quarter.  Tina remembers zoning out of Ms Pizzazz’s rant, glancing at the clock, it was 4:05pm, and arising from her seat, placing her Filofax into her briefcase and walking calmly out of Boardroom A.  She remembers touching the button on the elevator and strolling out of the lobby, briefly looking back to take one last glance at her office window, faces pressed up against the pane of glass to gawk at her leaving, Tina smiled and went home.  She slept so soundly.

This morning’s journey by train was filled with excitement.  She was going to choose a new office from which to base her new company.  The future is bright as she is now able to continue working in a flamboyant and vibrant industry.  She is not letting one setback prevent her realising her dream. She loves everything about fashion and is in her element deciding if a client should wear a pink swing coat, a black duffle coat or if a client should accessorise with a clutch, satchel or tote bag. Tina took a deep breath in and sighed, she felt her body calm muscles that were overworked and underappreciated.  From now on, she was going to look after her happiness and become the successful designer she deserves to be acknowledged as.


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