Ms Hattie



Meredith stared at the glistening and twinkling light display.  The crisp winter air was fresh on her face as she sipped a hot chocolate.  The Stars, Moon and Surprises Display was illuminating the town for one evening only and the people of Roseville were amazed at the spectacle.  Multi-coloured cotton ball string lighting hung from the tall evergreens that line the four avenues which meet at the town centre.

Bright yellow fluorescent lighting enveloped the gazebo in the town square, while blue fairy lights were fixed to railings in the park where Meredith was standing, admiring the beauty of sapphire, baby blue, royal blue, powder blue, light blue lights sparkling and dazzling in Roseville town park, adjacent to Ms Hattie, the town’s oldest resident, a strong oak tree that has stood the test of time and if she could talk, she would have an audience in awe of historic battles, weather patterns and how the town has developed over the last few centuries.

Meredith’s grandfather told her about how the big storm of 1901 could not flatten Ms Hattie, while adjoining trees were uprooted.  The summer of 1915 had a sweltering heatwave and Ms Hattie continued to grow tall while other trees withered.  She is an icon of the pretty five thousand resident town which Meredith is so proud of.  In the words of David Icke, “Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held it’s ground”.


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