Memory City


I spoke to you today, for a minute I believed you were still here,

the crisp air spread around me like a blanket of winter mornings.

The way you used to savour fresh air against your face and smile,

I can picture your eyes closed and mouth smiling on the promenade at Venice Beach,

Crisp waves hitting the rocks, I took a deep breath in as a whirlpool of

summer days ran through my mind.


I picked a flower for you today, yellow like the radiance you shone,

The scent of summers choosing a daisy or tulip to pick came racing back.

Exploring Ventura Boulevard, only returning home when dusk was falling.

Sitting on the wall outside my house when I was ten years old with the kids on the street,

Days of packing up the car going to beaches and parks entertained me and gave me moments to cherish and reminisce when adult responsibilities overwhelm me.

From kindergarten to middle school, all the way up to graduation, you guided me.

I can picture you collecting me from LAX, smile beaming, arms outstretched.

Thousands of passengers in the terminal became a blur,

I could see your smiling face and life was normal.

A book of crosswords makes me think of you, even better if it came with a free biro.

Your face would fixate on a clue, trying a letter at a time, then a cheer if it fitted.

A pot of tea by your side, almost like your side kick, the refreshing taste on your lips eased the anguish of not being able to finish a full page in your puzzle book.

Your chair was lined up with the gameshows on the television, remember the time my childhood dog started barking and you didn’t hear an answer from the quizmaster,

Oh, how that terrier scurried so fast her shadow caught up with her eventually.

As days turn into months, then it is years, photos turn into memories.

This sprawling metropolis is home to millions, I was fortunate to call it my home but now you lay in your eternal resting place and now I am lost.


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